EMS 2018


Sono stati pubblicati online gli atti del 18° convegno EMS (Electroacoustic Music Studies Network) svoltosi nel 2018 a Firenze sul tema: 'Electroacoustic Music: is it still a form of experimental music ?' Anche AUDIOR ha partecipato, con una relazione di Eraldo Bocca e Dante Tanzi, dal titolo: 'Showing the acousmatic sounds through the mobile acousmonium AUDIOR'. Gli atti del convegno si possono leggere qui: 

The proceedings of the 18th EMS conference (Electroacoustic Music Studies Network) held in Florence in 2018 on the theme: 'Electroacoustic Music: Is it still a form of experimental music?' AUDIOR also participated, with a report by Eraldo Bocca and Dante Tanzi, entitled 'Showing the acousmatic sounds through the mobile acousmonium AUDIOR'. The conference proceedings can be read here:                   



alla Fabbrica del Vapore


25 GENNAIO 2019
Via Procaccini 4, 20154 MILANO
DALLE 18:30 ALLE 21:15

ORE 18.30                                             'FINGERPRINTS'

Frédéric Kahn "Under Construction" ( ... entendue sous le sable) [2018] 16:52

Lelio Camilleri "The World Is Yours" [2001] 6:28

Thanos Chrysakis "Subterranean Sky #1" [2009-2010] 10:04

Andrea Nicoli "Behold! The man" [2002 ] 6:14

Dante Tanzi "Prediction" [2004] 3:29

Francesco Giomi "Con Brio" [2003] 13:48

Nicola Giannini "For Hannah" [2018] 7:20

Annette Vande Gorne "Haiku: Hiver" [2017] 14:02

Interpreti all'acusmonium: Dante Tanzi, Gabriele Balzano

 ORE 20.00                                           'AWAKENINGS'

Mattia Nuovo "802" [2017] 8:06

Emma Margetson "Distorted Illusions" [2018] 8:22      Prima esecuzione               

Gráinne Mulvey "Proclamation" [2016] 10:40

Andrea Giomi / Shari Delorian "Seven degrees of light" [2017] 13:30

Virginie Viel "The stones can speak" [2018] 9:27        Prima esecuzione                   

Vitaly Maklakov "Scrap and viburnum" [2018] 11:37        Prima esecuzione             

Paul Ramage "Le 7ème anneau de Saturne" [2014] 14:28

Interpreti all'acusmonium:  Mattia Nuovo, Dante Tanzi             

Progetto elettroacustico: Eraldo Bocca

'Awakenings' è un progetto obs*akousma AUDIOR:

Showing the acousmatic sounds through the mobile acousmonium AUDIOR - EMS 2018  Florence

Since 2012 the AUDIOR acusmonium has enabled the realization of about forty concerts with the performance of works by a hundred composers from around the world, dozens of first performances, four monographic concerts, four sessions of dance and acusmatic music, a study meeting dedicated to Angelo Paccagnini and the participation in three festivals in Italy: the Festival 5 Giornate in Milan (editions 2014, 2017, 2018), the 'Contemporanea Acusmatica' Festival in Udine (2017) and the 'Musica e Suoni' Festival in Sarzana (2018). Since 2014, an educational activity (workshops and masterclass) has been held for students of electronic music courses in conservatories and music schools. The AUDIOR acusmonium sound spatialization workshops aim at a theoretical and practical training in the field of spatialization techniques of recorded music on support. Evento Facebook: