Photo by Gianni Belloni

Eraldo Bocca - Founder, electroacoustic project

Electroacoustic designer and builder and consultant in the field of environmental acoustic design. He designed and built the AUDIOR acusmonium dealing with the definition of functional specifications, architecture, assembly, test tests of the loudspeakers and the realization of signal multipliers. While drawing inspiration from the mobile devices used in France (Radio France, Motus) and Belgium (Musique Recherches), Bocca has introduced construction criteria that effectively link the diffusivity, modularity and geographical distribution of the speakers. Collaborator of CESMA (European Center for Music and Acoustics Studies) of Lugano and of the San Fedele Cultural Center of Milan, he oversaw the setting up of the SATOR acusmonium (50 speakers) for his auditorium, inaugurated in January 2012 and since then used in events organized as part of the seasons of 'San Fedele Musica' (live electronic concerts, acousmatic music, video art, Cin'acusmonium). Since 2013 he has held applied electroacoustic workshops for the CESMA (European Center for Music and Acoustics Studies of Lugano) in Novara, and masterclasses for the conservatories of Como, Milan, Turin and Lecce as part of the MATERA / INTERMEDIA Festival. He is a founding member of the 'Audior' association.  eraldobocca@yahoo.it 

Intervista di Livio Partiti a Eraldo Bocca: https://ilpostodelleparole.it/eraldo-bocca/eraldo-bocca-tsunami-licheni/

Photo by Giulia De Faveri

Gabriele Balzano - Spatialised interpretation

Born in 1992 in Borgosesia (VC), he began studying the piano at a young age, continuing his studies at the G. Cantelli Conservatory of Novara and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Since 2013 he has been attending the G. Verdi Conservatory of Como in its department of Electronic Music and Sound Technologies, where he graduated in 2017. Student of S. Sapir, G. Klauer, W. Prati, A. Vigani, he specialized in the masterclasses of G. Kogan, M. Lupone, A. Vidolin, F. Cifariello Ciardi, J. Scordato, A. I. De Benedictis, D Tanzi, E. Bocca. Since 2016, he has been an interpreter and composer for the AUDIOR association and since 2019 in collaboration, as a composer, with the Turin dance collective Ekodance International Project. Also in 2019, he was among the performers and composers selected for the artistic residency in the context of the San Fedele Prize. In 2023 he founded the interdisciplinary collective Esedra, which aims to deepen the links between music, dance, photography and video art.   gabry.balza@gmail.com

Intervista di Giulia DeVal a Gabriele Balzano e Mattia Nuovo: https://spazio-concept.it/acusmonium-audior-intervista-agli-interpreti/

Electropresence records: https://electropresence.com/fr/bio/balzano_ga/gabriele-balzano

Photo by Pierre Couprie

Paolo Castrini - Spatialised interpretation

He is a composer, acousmatic interpreter and performer.
Born in Montichiari (Brescia) in 1983, he studies classical piano and experiments with the analogue and modular synthesizer as the main source of inspiration and multifaceted sound research.
Enriched by various experiences in recording studios, he focuses his interest on sound design and sound sculpture. In 2018 he discovered acousmatic music thanks to the meeting with Dante Tanzi, Eraldo Bocca and their acousmonium Audior; follows spatialization workshops in Italy with the Audior Association and in France with the Motus company at Festiva Futura 2021 and 2022, and joins the Audior Association as an interpreter at the Novaracusmonium 2020, Vigevano Soundscapes 2022 and Premio Russolo 2022 festivals in Milan. In 2023 he joined the Acousmaki collective, participating in the creation of the acousmatic composition "Synesthésie" during the artistic residency at the Bêta in Angouleme (FR). He participates in the Futura 2023 Festival as an invited teacher and as an interpreter (concert "Partenaires du Festival" and opening concert of the White Night).  

Electropresence records:  https://electropresence.com/fr/bio/castrini_pa/paolo-castrini

Photo by Franca Astori

Eleonora M. Ravasi - Spatialised Interpretation

Studied composition and electronic music at the Milan Conservatory. She subsequently specialized in composition and electronic music at the Musikhochschule in Freiburg (Germany) where she graduated. She worked on electronic keyboards, playing with various ensembles for new commissions and world premieres in Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Lithuania and Germany for international events. She attended the courses of Annette Vande Gorne (Be), Motus (Fr) and Audior (It) on sound spatialisation with acousmonium. In the recent period she's doing research in musical analysis applied to the electroacoustic repertoire and the Soundscape. For over ten years she has been teaching music technology in high schools. 


Photo by Gianni Belloni

Dante Tanzi - Founder, artistic direction

He is a composer and interpreter of acousmatic music, graduated in Electronic Music at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Como. His compositions have been performed in Italy (Musica Nel Nostro Tempo, Colloqui di Informatica Musicale, Cinque Giornate Festival, SpazioMusica Festival, Sound Labyrinths) in Switzerland (Euromicro, Computer Music Concert), in Canada (EuCue Series), in the United Kingdom and in Ireland (ICMC, Sonorities), Spain and the Basque Country (Flix Festival, Bernaola Festival), France (Festival Licences, Festival Futura, SIME, Alcôme, En Chair et En Son, Klang!), Colombia (BunB), United States (NYCEMF), Portugal (DME), Austria (Ars Electronica), Argentina (Atemporànea), Japan (OUA-EMF), Belgium (Espace du son), Mexico (Ecos Urbanos), Ecuador (Muslab). In 2011, 2014, 2017 and 2018 he curated the program of acousmatic music concerts as part of the 'Festival 5 Giornate' in Milan. Since 2012, as an interpreter at the acusmonium he has taken part in the seasons of 'San Fedele Musica' and in concerts with the acusmonium mobile AUDIOR, of which he takes care of the programming. Since 2013 he has held sound spatialization workshops for CESMA and masterclasses for the conservatories of Como, Turin. Lecce (as part of the MA / IN Festival) and Genova. From 1985 to 2009 he worked at the Music Informatics Laboratory of the University of Milan. He is the author of essays published in Leonardo Music Journal, Interface, De Musica, Leonardo, Organized Sound, Crossings and Contemporary Music Review. He is a founding member of the 'Audior' association. dante.tanzi@gmail.com 

Intervista di Giulia DeVal a Dante Tanzi. https://spazio-concept.it/tea-trip-intervista-a-dante-tanzi/

Electropresence records:   https://electropresence.com/fr/bio/tanzi_da/dante-tanzi

ResearchGate Publications:  https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/Dante-Tanzi-2001020242

The "Audior" Association - www.audior.eu

The 'AUDIOR' association was founded in 2015 by Eraldo Bocca and Dante Tanzi. Its associative purposes concern the study, practice, study and diffusion of acousmatic music (electroacoustic music on support in all its manifestations). To this end, the Association aims to promote, develop and disseminate the electroacoustic musical culture and the artists (composers and performers) who express its spirit, enhancing their work, image and ingenuity everywhere; promote, organize and manage teaching courses on the acusmonium instrument, history of electroacoustic music, master classes on acusmonium, concert lessons, sound spatialization laboratories, electroacoustic design and construction laboratories, phonographic recordings, seminars, workshops, itinerant shows and any other initiative aimed at spreading the knowledge and practices of electroacoustic composition, spatial interpretation, electroacoustic violin making among young people and adults.

Electropresence records:  https://electropresence.com/fr/producteur/163/audior

Contacts:  acusmaudior@gmail.com

Via Felice Masini, 16 28066 Galliate (No)

Audior paper:

Eraldo Bocca, Dante Tanzi: Showing the acousmatic sounds through the mobile acousmonium AUDIOR https://www.ems-network.org/IMG/pdf_BOCCA_TANZI_EMS18.pdf